This blog contains the first explanation of our universe in the last three hundred years.
From 1583 until 2002 science has been busy creating the modern universe and destroying ancient creation theories. During this period there was no theory-building activity going on except for the work of Teilhard de Chardin.
In2002, Harold Morowitz authored the book The Emergence of Everything, How the World Became Complex.
The ancient theories of creation were grand structures that called for a divine architect. Morowitz does not mention God in his explanation of the modern universe. He describes the steps of development as emergences. An emergence is a property of a complex entity that emerges under certain conditions and provides a foundation for the next emergence. This does not imply that he is an atheist. He has declared that he is a pantheist as were Bruno, Spinoza, and Einstein.
See chapter six for a summary of Morowitz’ book.

This blog follows the publication of The Rise and Fall of the Traditional Theories Of Creation And The Science of Creation for Our Universe