The Greek Cosmos

What is wrong with the last edition

First what is right. Part One is right. Part Two has a good start with Harold Morowitz. My view of Morowitz is also good. But what follows should be deleted.

I just repeated what I had in previous editions including my conviction that the next emergence is community. My section on My Experience with Community Organizing Projects was a refutation of this conviction.

I should have addressed the problems that Morowitz left behind when he died in 2016.

He left us with a new theory of creation with 28 chapters or 28 emergences. I found this inspiring. But consider with what we are competing. The Hebrew creation story is contained in a few verses of the Bible. It was presented to the Hebrew people who were organized.

How many copies of Morowitz’s book were sold? How many of these readers are aware of a single other reader? Perhaps a few in the universities.

In my next edition, I will ask readers to send me their email address and optionally their mail address and phone number. In return, I will send them a list of all email addresses I have received.

I can begin by asking for your email address. Please send to .

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