“We don’t need more ideas.
We have many ideas.
What we need
is a bigger idea–community.”

  Michael Sandel, Harvard Professor of Ethics

Trying to define community is a difficult task. A preliminary step might be to identify communities and then specify why you have selected these communities. I live in Montgomery County, Maryland, USA. My draft list of communities includes: Reston, Columbia, Leisure World.

All three of these communities were built by  a single owner and developer. In addition to paying real estate taxes and mortgages, residents pay a fee to the community. These fees are managed by officers elected by residents. Each of these communities have a list of activities. These communities were created to foster community. The population of Reston in 2010 was 58,404, of Leisure World was 8,749, of Columbia was 99,615.

Next are the nineteen incorporated municipalities in Montgomery County  including Rockville, Chevy Chase, (9 variations), Gaithersburg; Takoma ParkGlen Echo; Kensington; These communities enjoy local self government.

David Shaw

What is your view?

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