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My view of morowitz’s book

My View of Morowitz’s Book

I am deeply impressed with Morowitz’s book. He is a biologist as a specialist. He had to become a physicist, astrophysicist, geophysicist, paleontologist, chemist, historian, psychologist, philosopher, and theologian to write this book. He has expanded my horizons. He has given me a study agenda that includes complexity theory, and a review of philosophy, especially Spinoza. His emergences have provided a much clearer affirmation of the long process of creation.

Another contribution of Morowitz is his theology. He defines the immanence of God as the laws of science. The transience of God is humanity’s efforts in shaping the future. Thank you, Harold Morowitz.

I have some doubts that do not lead me to withdraw my positive view of Morowitz. He states that Teilhard has a more teleological view of a new and final state, the omega point.  He says, “At this point, I neither understand nor follow him.” However, he seems to accept Teilhard’s vision of a spiritual final state. I must say at this point, I neither understand nor follow Morowitz.

Morowitz has an agenda of holding a dialog with theologians of the traditional religions. This is an admirable commitment, but it should not be an exclusive commitment. Morowitz has devoted the last several chapters of his book to the objective of this dialog.

Among his publications is Cosmic Joy and Local Pain: Musing of a Mystical Scientist, 1987. Throughout the presentation of the 28 emergences, he was a scientist, but when he addressed the next emergence he was a mystic.